We don’t usually make a fuss …. but we just broke a record.

Coventry Bridge_MG_0823

According to information obtained from the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), Québec’s Transport Ministry, the bumper to bumper length of 81 meters (265 feet) set a new record for ground transportation in Québec. In comparison, the playing surface of a football field is 100 meters.

The actual piece is 50.7 meters long and weighs 63,500 kg. Given the height of the piece, it cannot be loaded onto any type of trailer and must be transported by attaching the equipment to each end, hence making it the longest, bumper to bumper. The SAAQ issued a special permit which required several police escorts, a spare tractor trailer and a mobile repair unit among others as well as requiring that the actual transporting be done at night. This was the first of 4 pieces which makes up the 160 meter pedestrian bridge that spans from Coventry Road near the Ottawa Baseball Stadium to the train station on the other side of highway 417. Here are a few more pictures.